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Our mission:

To deliver expert pelvic rehab care, tailored to you.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Tulsa


Pelvic Rehab Services in Tulsa

The V Boutiq

Our Approach:

We look at you as a whole person - body, mind, and lifestyle, and design a rehab program that fits your unique needs.

Expert, specialized pelvic floor physical therapy can help you regain confidence in your physical abilities, intimate relationships, and in your own body.

We offer the convenience and comfort of in-home, pelvic floor physical therapy, or at our close-to-home offices around the Tulsa area.

"There's no force more powerful than someone determined to rise."

 - Unknown


Nice to Meet You!

Becky Wilcox & Marybeth Pixley

We have been working side-by-side for almost a decade to provide the best pelvic rehab care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We believe in the uniqueness of each of our clients. Our commitment to serving women's healthcare needs inspired the creation of The V Boutiq as a premier, holistic service for pelvic floor physical therapy.

Becky Wilcox was the first to receive the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC) in Oklahoma. 

Marybeth Pixley is studying to become a certified sex therapist and has experience in trauma-informed pelvic PT. 


Becky & Marybeth work with you one-on-one, give you things to work on in between sessions, and LISTEN to you so they're treating the person, not just the problem.
I worked with Becky and Marybeth for two pregnancies and postpartum experiences. They are AMAZING!
Becky & Marybeth are great pelvic health providers. They are detail oriented and patient.

The V Boutiq Difference

Reasons to choose us for your pelvic health care:

You deserve expert care.

You will be working with therapists who have years of experience. We have cared for patients from all over the region - we have seen cases like yours!

You'll always be working 1-on-1 with a therapist.

A full hour, 1-on-1 session with a specialist is the gold standard of pelvic health. You'll never be shuffled off or double-booked in a crowded gym. You will get the most out of every session, making progress faster.

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You need a tailored program.

Pelvic PT should be more than outdated protocol of Kegels & biofeedback. We create an individualized plan unique to your pelvic concerns. We teach you what YouTube videos, blogs, and books just can't.

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We look at your whole body.

 Pelvic PT should be about more than just your pelvic floor muscles. Things like your hips, back, and core play a role in your current pelvic health issues. We assess your whole body, beyond the pelvic floor.

You deserve freedom & lasting relief. 

Your pelvic PT doesn't stop when your symptoms decrease. We work to find the root cause of your symptoms, so you can have the confidence to never worry about your pelvic issues again.

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You get direct contact with a therapist.

We know it can be difficult to reach providers when you have a question about your health. You can talk directly to Becky and Marybeth regarding your care, symptoms, and next steps.

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