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Pregnancy PT

Pregnancy Pelvic PT

A customized program for alignment, strength, and pain relief during pregnancy.

Keywords: Diastasis Recti (DRA), Pubic Symphysis Pain, SI Joint Pain, Round Ligament Pain, Back Pain

Service Description

Evaluation and follow up pregnancy pelvic rehab can be done at any point during pregnancy and will be guided by your goals.

Some foundational goals of pelvic rehab during pregnancy are:

  • Maintaining core strength and connection

  • Addressing postural alignment with your changing body

  • Achieving pelvic floor muscle balance


If you are having pain of any kind, we will investigate the root cause and work to bring relief and comfort. 

We are happy to work with your doctor, midwife, doula, or partner to ensure the best pregnancy and postpartum experience possible.

  • Addressing pain symptoms that happen with pregnancy

  • Improving the ease and efficiency of labor and delivery

  • Getting ready for postpartum recovery!

Our Process

History & Full-Body Assessment

Hands-On Treatment & Exercise

Internal Muscle Assessment

The V Boutiq Plan

We start with a review of your medical history, labor and delivery experience, and your postpartum wellness/fitness concerns.

We identify and treat back & pelvic alignment issues, strength imbalances, and muscle tightness through a full-body assessment. 

Our hands-on treatments release tight tissues, mobilize joints, and enhance comfort and stability. We specialize in myofascial release and joint mobilization in all regions of the body. We also perform trigger point dry needling, cupping, and scar mobilization.

Staying connected to your core, pelvic floor, and glutes is so important in pregnancy. As experts in exercise prescription, we provide a specific exercise program for a safe pregnancy and a jump-start in postpartum recovery.

We may decide to perform an internal vaginal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles. We use a single, gloved index finger to gently assess the tone, strength, and pain in the muscles of your pelvic floor.  We can also assess scar tissue and coccyx (tailbone) condition with an internal assessment. This can be valuable in making sure your pelvic floor is ready for vaginal delivery.

No two pregnancies are the same, so we customize your plan based on you! With a V Boutiq Bundle, we create a progressive program to address evolving symptoms, strength, and tension over the course of a few visits. If you only plan for 1 visit, we provide you with a foundational program with some guidance for progression on your own. 


Not sure if this is the right service for you? 

Contact us using the chat or send us an email! We are happy to help you find the exact care that you need to meet your pregnancy goals and to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

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